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宜家80周年庆典:Nytillverkad点亮家居时尚 | IKEA 80th Anniversary: Nytillverkad Collection Ignite Home Décor

IKEA, synonymous with modernist design, has a relatively short history in the United States. However, this year marks a significant milestone as the iconic brand celebrates its 80th birthday and pays tribute to its journey of evolution with the all-new Nytillverkad collection. Drawing inspiration from IKEA's classic design elements, this collection reimagines them in bold and vibrant furniture and home accessories.


Rediscovering the Timeless Beauty of IKEA 重新发现宜家的经典之美

The Nytillverkad collection is a reinterpretation of IKEA's classic designs, presenting them in a modernized way that evokes a sense of familiarity for long-time customers. Making its debut at this year's Milan Design Week, this collection showcases refreshed versions of IKEA's early products.


Karin Gustavsson, the Creative Lead of Nytillverkad, shared, “We don't usually do this because we often work at the forefront of design. But we have created so many bold designs—some with a history of 60-70 years—so we thought it would be a great contribution to the design agenda.” This collection also taps into the current trend of Ikea vintage, popular in countries like the UK. For regions like China, where Ikea has recently expanded, these designs are entirely new to consumers, and they find them “cool and fresh”.

Karin Gustavsson是Nytillverkad的创意负责人,她表示:“我们通常不这样做,因为我们经常在设计的前沿工作。但我们已经设计了很多大胆的作品——其中一些已经有60、70年的历史了——所以我们认为这对设计议程是一次伟大的贡献。”这个系列还利用了当前在英国等国家流行的宜家复古风潮。对于像中国这样的一些新开设宜家门店的地区,这些设计对消费者来说是全新的,他们对此表示“非常酷和新”。

Characteristics of the New Collection 全新系列的特点

The Nytillverkad collection has become an iconic representation of the IKEA brand with its bold and lively aesthetic. The collection features standout products such as the LÖVET (LÖVBACKEN), a beautifully curved table available in vibrant shades of orange, blue, or light green, seamlessly blending functionality with artistic expression. Additionally, the DOMSTEN stool offers a visually striking seating option with its sculptural design and a variety of contemporary colors. Paying homage to IKEA's heritage, the KRYPKORNELL pattern, originally introduced in the 1980s and designed by Swedish textile artist Sven Fristedt, exudes the cheerful Scandinavian spirit and can be found adorning bedding, cushion covers, and even kitchenware.

Nytillverkad系列以其大胆、活泼的美学风格成为品牌的标志。系列中的亮点产品包括LÖVET(LÖVBACKEN)——一张曲线优美的桌子,以橙色、蓝色或浅绿色的色彩浸染,既是一件功能性的艺术品。同时,DOMSTEN凳子以丰富多彩的当代色彩呈现,为人们提供一种雕塑感十足的座椅选择。瑞典纺织设计师Sven Fristedt创作的KRYPKORNELL图案向宜家的历史致敬,该图案最初是在80年代引入的。这种欢快的印花体现了北欧的愉快精神,融入了从床上用品和靠垫套到厨房用具的各个方面。

Design Manager Johan Ejdemo adds, "What makes this collection special is its clean and straightforward design. Overall, the Nytillverkad collection embodies the essence of IKEA - simplicity, functionality, and style. It goes beyond just updating old products; we have reimagined construction methods and prioritized health and safety standards. When redesigning these products, our designers have taken into consideration the modern needs for child safety and overall well-being. We have not only refreshed the aesthetics but also undertaken comprehensive optimization of the products.

设计经理Johan Ejdemo补充说:“这个系列之所以特别,是因为它的设计简洁明了,从整体上看,Nytillverkad系列在设计上展现了宜家的特点——简约、实用和时尚。这个系列不仅仅是对旧款产品的更新,还重新思考了构造方法和健康安全标准。设计师们在重新设计这些产品时考虑到了现代的儿童安全和人人安全的需求。他们不仅仅更新了外观,还对产品进行了全面的优化。

This collection stands out not just for its refreshed aesthetics but also for the remarkable legacy that accompanies it. By delving into their archives and reviving timeless designs, IKEA proudly presents itself as a trailblazer in the world of furniture. Moreover, this collection perfectly aligns with the tastes of the younger generation, featuring vivid colors and bold prints that shatter the monotonous hues that prevailed during the post-pandemic era. For long-time IKEA enthusiasts, this series offers an exhilarating trip down memory lane, while for those in emerging markets, it promises an entirely new and captivating experience.


On the occasion of its 80th anniversary, IKEA pays tribute to its brand legacy and showcases the timeless charm of classic design through the Nytillverkad collection. This collection breathes new life into IKEA's iconic products, reimagining them with a contemporary flair that offers a rejuvenating home experience for consumers. By introducing the Nytillverkad collection, IKEA proudly showcases its pioneering role as a trendsetter in the furniture market, catering to the stylish, practical, and diverse preferences of its younger audience. With the unveiling of this collection, IKEA solidifies its position as a design industry leader, promising continued innovation and delightful surprises for people's living spaces.



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